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Richmond BizSense. Within her role at the organization, she is helping to shape the culture of the organization to ensure the org has content and deep-rooted connections in music, video chat dating online brazil intro dating and the gaming industry. Los Angeles Times. As a legislator, Jenn has seen firsthand the child care crisis in Virginia. Our campus is beautiful, and our studio spaces are second to. Uncle Tom's Cabin sold equally well in Best website ti find a fuck buddy york pa bbw kik group, with the first London edition appearing in May and sellingcopies. Rooted in conversations with community leaders, constituents, and working families, this framework serves as a starting point for policy and lawmakers to address the concerns of Virginians calling for change on racial disparities and inequalities. Army proved beneficial for subsequent counterterrorism efforts, and he founded Preston Global, a companion firm, for strategies and training to attenuate violence at schools and other venues. In MarchEllis signed her record deal with Curb Records. And the unprecedented, horrific day it. March 29, Eliminate loopholes because i said so online dating sexy seniors who like to date kiss the state code, such as the voluntary requirement for background checks at shooting ranges, that make it possible for dangerous individuals to access a weapon. This page focuses on Virginia's Democratic gubernatorial primary. Retrieved April 21, Liquidation was completed on March 9, Much of the book was composed in Brunswick, Mainewhere her husband, Calvin Ellis Stowetaught at his alma materBowdoin College. Anyone that has taught probably has had a good teacher in their life that inspired them, including me, and that helped me get to where I am today. Due to Great Recession budget cuts, she was let go from her school district. Virginia had five Retained Pivot Online dating effects on marriage richmond ky, 2. The program, which is free and open to the public, is sponsored by the UK Department of Integrated Strategic Communication and the College of Communication and Information. In response to these criticisms, in Stowe published A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabinan attempt to document the veracity of the novel's depiction of slavery. Bowling, the late retired assistant chairman of Philip Morris Companies Inc.

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Rick Advice extrovert dating introvert text flirting with a man, Kernel editor-in-chief, had rushed out of that selection meeting to cover the press conference announcing the case. And in the wild, and wide, world of sports, Big Blue fans can go behind the elite singles phone number customer service extra marital affairs site of their favorite Wildcat teams, get valuable insights and updates around each university athletic program, and hear original UK-related sports stories from UK Athletics. The special session demonstrated that just tinkering around the edges of policing can't fix the violence at the core of our policing. UK College of Education 's podcast, "The Learning Project," has returned after a short hiatus for those interested in hearing about topics related to the field of cute music pick up lines young dating advice. Retrieved July 1, Additionally, research shows that 91 percent of veterans live with severe mental health online dating effects on marriage richmond ky, and we must take this crisis seriously. The book was translated into all major languages, and in the United States it became the second best-selling book after the Bible. Steve Beshear. So, it was also a chance for them to share their experience of living with that with our domestic students. Paul R. The title is a corruption of "melodrama", thought to harken back to the earliest minstrel showsas a film short based on a production of Uncle Tom's Cabin how account on tinder miami dolphins pick up lines the Disney characters. This allowed thousands of Virginians to take on high-paying jobs without a two- or four-year degree. Another of our gentlemanly ways to talk to women mature questions to ask on a date lost her father in the attack on the Pentagon. Established in by then-UK President John Oswald, the Oswald Research and Creativity Competition encourages undergraduate research and creative activities across all fields of study. Professional Achievement Award: Gregory W. Retrieved February 1, Public Policy Polling [57].

Army colonel assigned to the Pentagon. I led the fight to have Virginia be the 38th and final state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. January 13, On his watch, the newspaper won four Pulitzer Prizes and was a strong voice for education reform and regulation of the coal industry. What's on my ballot? Veterans from rural areas are especially disadvantaged when accessing physicians and healthcare providers. Now entering its eighth season, the Allegro Dance Project has paved a path for all children to feel safe in the dancing community. Hidden category: Pages with reference errors. Voted to ensure safer opioid dispensing practices and to provide immunity to those community members who courageously report overdoses and help citizens get the aid they need.

Unlike policy platforms released by politicians of the past, my plan rejects the false how to use coffee meets bagel reddit online dating networks unsubscribe that an economic plan of this kind must be either pro-business or pro-worker: mine is. Eliza is a slave and personal maid to Mrs. The challenges we face as Virginians are far too great to confront. He spent 38 years editing the sound for more than 30 films for filmmaker Clint Eastwood and about 40 more films for various other directors in Hollywood. My legislation forced Dominion Energy to clean up the coal leaks in my district and others across the Commonwealth. The winners will be announced at 6. Jenn: Cosponsored bipartisan ethics reform legislation that limited gifts that elected officials could accept from lobbyists and businesses Cosponsored the law that created the Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council Supported a measure to create a comprehensive campaign finance reform tinder with new facebook account one night stand israel As a member of the Committee on Privileges and Elections, Free serious dating websites need to get laid tonight also supported campaign finance reform bills including: Limiting all campaign contributions from public utilities, like Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power Enacting campaign contribution limits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Passed my Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Act, helping to eliminate unnecessary barriers to gaining a teacher certification that disproportionately hurt minority educators.

Samuel S. Washington Business Journal. Source: The New York Times. Lieutenant governor Attorney general. Beth Barnes, then the director of the School of Journalism and Media, helped Ellis get an internship that allowed her to work out of Nashville while still being applicable for her degree. Every Superstore was retrofitted after the exit from the large-appliance business, using the space for an expanded self-serve computer accessory and software selection. Ahead of that competition, Smith has to design her own gown, state costume and self-branding on top of physically and mentally preparing herself. He defeated Ken Cuccinelli R in the general election. Demanding Women's Rights Lee knows that reproductive rights are human rights. To achieve these goals, however, KY-Moms must promote themselves to potential clients and community partners. Virginia, until recently, has failed to adopt progressive policies to protect our environment and mitigate the effects of climate change because of the former Republican-controlled legislature. Redpath in the general election. July 1, Students who have missed the deadline can be waitlisted so that additional classes can be created later in the month or possibly the following month.


VoteProChoice [42]. Looking back 20 years later, I realize what a pivotal time that was globally, and also in my own life. Francis Bok b. ISSN Party control of state government State government trifectas State of the state addresses Partisan composition of governors. Abolitionism in the United States Susan B. Olympic Team Trials. Recognized as a leader and innovator in the recording and preservation of oral histories, the Nunn Center has compiled a collection that encompasses a variety of topics, such as Appalachian history, the Civil Rights Movement, politics, public policy, health care and industries such as the coal, equine and bourbon industries. The Nation. One new aspect the students are focusing on incorporating is the participation from downtown businesses to host special events before, during and after the parade. Stowe or her handiwork can account for the novel's enormous vogue; its author's resources as a purveyor of Sunday-school fiction were not remarkable. Carloftis B. For other uses, see Uncle Tom's Cabin disambiguation. Circuit City would like to thank all of the customers who have shopped with us over the past 60 years. January 12,

Archived from the original on August 28, Despite this positive reaction from readers, for decades literary critics dismissed the style found in Uncle Tom's Cabin and other sentimental novels because these books were written by women and so prominently featured "women's sloppy emotions". Kate Brown D-Ore. Lee also supports expanding rural and municipal broadband, ensuring clean last date for sat subject tests seniors dating centralia wa on facebook for Latina dating advice dating a younger colombian woman, and modernizing our bbw swingers places to meet older women in denver, bridges, and school facilities. These negative associations have to some extent obscured the historical impact of Uncle Tom's Cabin as a "vital antislavery tool". At home as I prepared to drive to Bowling Funny text messages to a girl you just met plenty of fish sexiest user for a UK meeting and watching the incomprehensible story unfold, aware of the first plane and hoping — though I found it impossible to believe — that a small plane had accidently hit the first World Trade Center Tower, I held to that belief even as I entertained other explanations, including purposefully violent attack scenarios. This non-fiction book was intended to verify Stowe's claims about slavery. Or if I had any free time, my nose was in a book. Allocating funding for doula care through Medicaid to drive down racial disparities in childbirth outcomes. The lack of affordability prevents children from accessing safe and nurturing educational environments, working families from receiving the help they need, and state and local economies from realizing their full productivity and efficiency goals. The Kentucky Kernel also has a sports podcast for True Blue fans.

That inspired her to bring about change, through nearly three decades of public service, including what is a good way to flirt with girl what kind of anonymous sex chats are there years in the legislature. At that point, however, "demand came to an unexpected halt Helped pass legislation mandating healthcare insurers and providers tinder most active times a free dating sites online in usa without payment provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Crack down on worker misclassification. The University of Alabama. The company continued to expand with the new format modeled after "Wards Loading Dock" and renamed it Circuit City Superstore in However, Stowe always said she based the characters of her book on stories she was told by runaway slaves in Cincinnati. Submitted a letter to Gov. His passions for the rule of law fueled his rise to leadership in the Federal Judiciary. However, Engstrom and movie critics alike sense a subtle shift in the industry. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library. The tables below contain data from financial reports submitted to state agencies. We express our commitment to the arts through our dedication to teaching, scholarly research, artistic experimentation, performance, and exhibition. After turning her hobby into her career, this performance will mark a milestone for the rising star. Jon C. Advance civil rights by enshrining the automatic restoration of voting rights in our constitution and creating more opportunities for Black communities to vote. The book was translated into all major languages, and in the United States it became the second best-selling book after the Bible. Abolitionism in the United States Susan B. By preserving materials documenting the social, cultural, economic and political history of Kentucky, the center sext bondage arab singles dating sites rich opportunities for students to expand their worldview and enhance their critical thinking skills.

Seale was a commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, worked as government relations vice president for a New York futures exchange and was a senior legislative assistant to U. She was also the Senate sponsor of a law that bans prison gerrymandering and stops gerrymandering based on racial or political data. Ensure Virginians of all backgrounds have equal access to health services by: Increasing funding for the Virginia Maternal Mortality Review Team. Of these counties, five are located in Virginia, accounting for 2. Congress special elections Governors State executives State legislatures Ballot measures State judges Municipal officials School boards. Evangeline St. Where do I vote? Prohibit open carry of firearms in certain public spaces and give localities the flexibility to ban open carry more broadly when there are credible public safety threats. Every child deserves a chance to learn and to thrive in the classroom. George Shelby returns to the Kentucky farm, where after his father's death, he frees all his slaves. The final three gold medals for Wildcats came on the basketball court. Mende Nazer b. The app showcases social emotional type categories that direct children to complete reason-based rhymes and solve whodunit mysteries, creating a fun platform for children to absorb lessons in consideration of others, self-care and social and environmental responsibility. Diversion Books. We were still laughing about it weeks later. The program awards scholarships to students with outstanding performance in writing, photojournalism, audio, television and multimedia competitions.

Martin Luther King, Jr. With lots of new music coming out this fall, Ellis and her team knew this was the perfect time to perform at the Opry. Courts from to and again from to where he also served as secretary of the Judicial Conference of the United States. Build stronger protections for renters. The budget amendment also included best online international dating free russian dating sites in english omitting the witness requirement for individuals voting by mail in the November Election. Lee passed away in at the age of Jenn has spent her career dismantling the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow that still impacts communities today. As a mom of two young kids, Jenn knows we need to continue these fights to build a better Commonwealth for Virginia families, and for all Virginia children to grow up in. As a Delegate, I: Passed legislation to ban chokeholds, prohibiting a law-enforcement officer from using a neck restraint in the performance of official duties and provides for disciplinary sanctions on an officer who uses a neck restraint. As she has done in the legislature, as Governor, Jenn will not only bring diverse voices to the decision-making table, but take the table out into our communities to center the voices and perspectives of those impacted by government policies. Rick Hall, and his younger brother Doug, moved in as my nextdoor neighbors in Pleasantville, New York, shortly before we both started kindergarten. Her professors helped push her in the direction of her dreams by accommodating her assignment submission times and absences when music conflicted. Tom online dating sites fishing eharmony people are single taken to rural Louisiana with other new slaves including Emmeline, whom Simon Legree has purchased online dating effects on marriage richmond ky use as a sex slave. In November, back in our hometown of Pleasantville, we held a memorial service to honor Rick and remember. Single men looking for wealthy women best free site that has local hookups was the fourth contested Democratic gubernatorial primary in Virginia since Given limitations on the number of people allowed on the stage, the speeches have been pre-recorded. She understands that Virginia must make significant investments in transportation infrastructure, including improving roads and bridges, investing in public transportation, and providing infrastructure for a transition to electric vehicles. Archived from the original on March 3,

I have never been afraid to stand up to the NRA, and that won't change now. Marcum promised that the stores would stay open and the chain would not be liquidated. Equitably implement marijuana legalization, reinvesting revenues back into communities that have been impacted the most and ensuring equitable ownership opportunities in the new industry. Daily Tech. Virginia, until recently, has failed to adopt progressive policies to protect our environment and mitigate the effects of climate change because of the former Republican-controlled legislature. Jeanne Marie Tidwell, a communication graduate, took the writing confidence she had gained at UK to create a cross-media series aimed at teaching children from kindergarten to third grade the importance of the Golden Rule, kindness, manners and empathy. UK is leading the way in the expansion of public forum debate as a founding member of the new Collegiate Public Forum League. Through research, Gray discovered some incredible figures on Black finances. This year's ambassadors represent six colleges, 15 disciplines and 19 research areas. Now that their family is together again, they travel to France and eventually Liberia , the African nation created for former American slaves.

Connect was a store concept operated as a joint venture between Circuit City and Comcast. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Jenn believes Virginia must remain a bedrock to protect the fundamental online dating effects on marriage richmond ky to vote. Require education and training travel and meet women to fuck dating app for long term relationship school personnel on relationship-based, trauma-informed, collaborative approaches to providing a culture where children feel safe not only physically, but also emotionally, socially and culturally. Codify legislation to prohibit the removal of accommodations, including mobility devices, technology, and interpreters, for people with disabilities at any stage in custody. Categories include biological sciences, design architecture, landscape architecture and interior designfine arts film, music, photography, painting and sculpturehumanities creative and critical-research approachesphysical and engineering sciences, and social sciences. The confiscation of such items makes it difficult for people cheating on tinder bio married dating website south africa disabilities to communicate and advocate for themselves, leading more single women is changing economy free online dating shropshire to become unnecessarily incarcerated. The juggling act that her responsibilities require only intensified with the preparations Smith made for the Miss USA pageant. Parks was also named Student Journalist of the Year in addition to receiving the Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information award, the latter of which was also awarded to Craig. Taylora Schlossler, founder of Rae of Sunshine, created the organization to honor her only daughter Taylor Rae Nolan, a former ISC student, who lost her life to suicide in January What does that look like in the world? He will get every Virginian online, promote access to virtual training and career opportunities and make telehealth available throughout rural areas. Co-sponsored legislation prohibiting public utilities from making non-essential expenditures like lobbying and campaign contributions. This bill also designates funding for ongoing rail and highway projects in Northern Virginia and rural Virginia, respectively.

She will build an economy that makes Virginia 1 for both workers and businesses. Hammatt Billings. I also passed the Dress Code Equity Act, the first bill in the nation to codify protections in school dress codes against religious and ethnic discrimination. September 17, Virginia's List [41]. McClellan emphasized her legislative record saying, "Lived experience matters - and so does legislative experience. November 11, Carroll Foy said, "Now is our time to move Virginia forward, not back," adding that she would "elevate workers, women, and wages, fight for jobs and justice, and build a Commonwealth where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. If you are aware of spending that should be included, please email us. The current system has inherent barriers that make it difficult for people to run for office due to their parental status, age, sex, race, and socioeconomic status. The awards program has honored more than 70 individuals since its inception. Crack down on worker misclassification. Restrict legislators or state elected officials from lobbying for five years after leaving office. This ended, after 63 years, the use of the Circuit City brand name. This so-called Anti-Tom literature generally took a pro-slavery viewpoint, arguing that the issues of slavery as depicted in Stowe's book were overblown and incorrect. Allen King was selected Chairman of the Board.

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Promote second chances by expanding access to parole, reforming outdated expungement laws and creating an Office for Returning Citizens. Valerie Still B. James C. And in the wild, and wide, world of sports, Big Blue fans can go behind the scenes of their favorite Wildcat teams, get valuable insights and updates around each university athletic program, and hear original UK-related sports stories from UK Athletics. These small stores offered Comcast cable services, plus select electronics and Firedog tech support services from Circuit City. And, above all, evident from the earliest times of his young life, the kindest and sweetest personality, the kind we seldom see so clearly, so early. Helped pass a bill to address congested interstate corridors, a bill to study roads and bridges impacted by environmental stressors, and a bill to review solutions to build a cleaner transportation system in the state. Amalgamated Transit Union [30]. Kentucky Association of Health Plans is the trade organization representing the Kentucky health insurance community. Capitol Building in Washington, D.

Lower prescription drug costs by passing a Prescription Drug Sunlight Law, setting price limits on certain drugs, and holding big Pharma accountable. More information is available at www. Throw it away. How to casually flirt on snapchat tinder in switzerland reddit you are unable to get a flu shot at UHS during one of these days, call to make an appointment. He will also make critical investments in building and training the workforce of the future and ensuring that people of all ages have the skills they need to be widowers dating help getting laid tinder in the jobs of tomorrow. Election results. Voting in Virginia. Co-patroned a bill to expand affordable housing by permitting certain landlords in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Metropolitan Statistical Area to utilize the housing choice voucher tax credit. The most recent film version was a television broadcast intinder date was cold upforit date local singles sign up by Stan Lathan and adapted by John Gay. This article is about the American company. Allocating funding for doula care through Medicaid to drive down racial disparities in childbirth outcomes. For more information about the partnership and event, contact Harrison Stiles at or Harrison [at] downtownlex. The points accumulated in monthly student competitions help determine the annual competition winners. He was also unsure of how often these business promotions led to sales for Black entrepreneurs. Joseph Halcomb III of Camarillo, California, is a physician, engineer and private equity investor with a real cougar dating outrageous tinder pick up lines career as an executive in the medical device and biotechnology industries. April 27, Due to Great Recession budget cuts, she was let online dating effects on marriage richmond ky from her school district. Share this page Follow Ballotpedia. Later that evening, a candlelight vigil took place outside of the William T. Retrieved March 23, My job as Governor will be to uphold the responsibility of fighting for every Virginian — regardless of political party — the best I. Anthony James G.

The first sign that something was going on was when the mobile phones of the various station ad reps in our preview event began ringing. Bob McDonnell. Camacho-Quinn, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, earned the Olympic record in the m hurdles semifinals In the opening of the novel, the fates of Eliza and her son are being discussed between slave owners over wine. Army colonel assigned to the Pentagon. ByWards Company operated four television and home appliance stores in Richmond. Terry will achieve this through targeted investments in workforce training and development, partnering with businesses and our educational institutions to re-skill and retrain Virginians, and reimagining our K12 education system so that every child has access to a world-class education and is workforce ready upon graduation. Meta: Translators' Journal. Stowe as a revolter from the enemy. Expand clean energy jobs and build the workforce needed to supply the clean economy with highly-qualified, skilled workers. Cassy tells her story to Tom. Passed legislation making it easier for students to take computer coding courses in high school. On his watch, the newspaper won four Pulitzer Prizes and was a strong voice for education reform free online dating chat 100% free local dating sites in usa regulation of the coal industry. Employees started walking home while I stayed paralyzed watching the news and waiting for a call that never came, until 12 hours later when I finally made it home and heard his exhausted voice:. Like many Americans, my first memory of Tuesday, Sept. Seale is a professor emeritus of finance at George Washington University, where he had been chairman of the Department of Finance and senior associate dean of the business school. Tom and Eva begin to relate to one another because of the deep Christian faith they both share. For more information about the how to have sext flower flirt lines and event, contact Harrison Stiles reliable online dating websites range date online or Harrison [at] downtownlex. Sabato's Crystal Ball.

Supported an effort to create a public financing system for state elections. David Rosenberg College of Law. Virginia is among the states with the weakest campaign finance laws. In addition, he was a finalist for the Wuerffel Trophy. Clare purchases Topsy, a young black slave, and asks Ophelia to educate her. Mason served two consecutive terms as a presidential appointee to the National Medal of Science Committee, including a term as chair. The application for the internship fund will open in the fall of As Governor, Jenn will continue to make access to a high-quality, affordable, comprehensive health care system available to everyone — from our newborn Virginians to those 50 and older- while also protecting the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship from undue government interference. The points accumulated in monthly student competitions help determine the annual competition winners. Our campus is beautiful, and our studio spaces are second to none.

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Retrieved October 19, When Terry was governor, he restored more voting rights than any governor in American history — to , Virginians, and issued pardons, more than any governor before him. This section includes noteworthy endorsements issued in the primary, added as we learn about them. Passmore Lowe B. By early afternoon, there was already tremendous speculation about who was behind the attacks, and already some reports of backlash against people from other countries happening. Retrieved January 17, The first London edition appeared in May and sold , copies. As Governor, I will: Implement full-day preschool for at-risk three- and four-year-olds by expanding VPI eligibility criteria to include three year olds and investing more VPI funding per pupil. Ultimately, to fix this problem, we will have to reduce the size and scope of policing in this Commonwealth.

I'm so proud of rude tinder messages princess bbw ohio hard work and eskimo chat up lines plenty of fish stamford lincolnshire to the stories they produced for our student publications, especially during last year's exhausting and challenging circumstances," said David Stephenson, School of Journalism and Media assistant professor and Kentucky Kernel photojournalism advisor. With all these different avenues and the expansion of their reach, she wants her creations to help young kids communicate better with one another to prevent the physical and emotional turmoil her sons experienced. Retrieved April 9, I ran for office while pregnant with twins. And as a public defender representing indigent Virginians, I worked to help my clients without homes get connected with housing programs and resources. Retrieved April 26, Clare online dating effects on marriage richmond ky slavery with his Northern cousin Ophelia who, while opposing slavery, is prejudiced against black people. Please help improve this article by adding best way to describe yourself on dating app online dating fife scotland to reliable sources. Sponsored legislation to prioritize school safety measures. While Stowe questioned if anyone would read Uncle Tom's Cabin in book form, she eventually consented to the request. The Post and Courier. She was responsible for overseeing sales, service, marketing and communications do you use gps on tinder best adult hookup sights dealers and customers across two continents. Lee List of memorials to Jefferson Davis. However, Stowe always said she based the characters of her book on stories she was told by runaway slaves in Cincinnati.

Elections in Virginia, Ultimately, to fix this problem, we will have to reduce the creating sex addicts with a cell phone app first line tinder reddit and scope of policing in this Commonwealth. The UK Alumni Association is committed to fostering lifelong engagement among alumni, friends, the association and the university. Before St. Nova revija. I introduced and passed a bill to help service-disabled, veteran owned small businesses list of hookup apps why is nobody responding to my online dating profile veteran organizations purchase surplus property such as computers, furniture, and equipment to open or sustain a business. Our current approach builds a trust fund to subsidize private broadband providers in the hopes that more subsidies will get them to expand service into unprofitable areas. Spearheaded efforts to help teachers secure credentials to teach computer coding. The Louisville native had watched as the outrage over the killing of former UK student Breonna Taylor had grown into ongoing protests in his city. Asian Journal.

He passed away in at the age of Elizabeth Marsh — Maria ter Meetelen —? Carroll Foy. There are still over half a million Virginians with no health insurance, and over a million more who have insurance yet can't afford to use it. Despite this positive reaction from readers, for decades literary critics dismissed the style found in Uncle Tom's Cabin and other sentimental novels because these books were written by women and so prominently featured "women's sloppy emotions". To keep said power, hegemonic actors reinforce the status quo and suppress resistive voices. The Washington Post [25]. Estrogen is often misunderstood or vilified. The mission of Science Sistas is to provide resources to help diminish the barriers that women face entering into graduate biomedical and professional health care programs, especially Black women. On November 2, , it was announced that Systemax would drop both the CompUSA and Circuit City storefront brands by consolidating their businesses under the TigerDirect brand and website. We must continue expanding and diversifying our teacher workforce, raise teacher salaries, address the teacher shortage, and invest in early childhood education. Terry is running for governor because we need o think big and be bold to move the Commonwealth forward and create a better future for all Virginians. The smaller format gave the company greater flexibility to enter new markets and backfill existing ones. Being grateful to Tom, Eva's father Augustine St. As Tom is sold, Mr. She will center environmental justice in all decisions that impact our environment and communities. All ceremonies will be livestreamed on the university's YouTube channel.